List GitHub projects using JavaScript

Do you use GitHub? Got a blog/website? Then read on for a handy bit of JavaScript.


GitHub is simply fantastic. If you're into open source then it really is the place to host your work. Heck, I even use it for private projects as well.

If you have some kind of blog or personal website why not promote and show-off your projects? It's exactly what I'm doing here. Just look at my home page.

The list of projects is generated using some simple JavaScript. Read on to get the code.

Get the code

Before I go further, I must say that I originally copied this code from However, I've made enough changes that I think it's worth posting here to share the love.

In your HTML add a <div> with an ID. The list of projects will be inserted here.

  <div id="github-projects"></div>

Next, just before </body>, add these scripts.

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/scripts/github.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  $(function() {

Feel free to load jQuery from wherever you usually do. I just happen to like using a CDN.

Make sure you replace "andrewdavey" with whatever github username you want to display repositories for.

Finally, create the /scripts/github.js file. Here comes the magic.

jQuery.githubUser = function(username, callback) {
  jQuery.getJSON("" + username + "?callback=?", callback);

jQuery.fn.loadRepositories = function(username) {
  this.html("<span>Querying GitHub for repositories...</span>");

  var target = this; 
  $.githubUser(username, function(data) {
    var repos = data.user.repositories;

    var list = $('<dl/>');
    $(repos).each(function() {
      list.append('<dt><a href="'+ this.url +'">' + + '</a></dt>');
      list.append('<dd>' + this.description + '</dd>');

  function sortByNumberOfWatchers(repos) {
    repos.sort(function(a,b) {
      return b.watchers - a.watchers;

I hope that code is fairly self-explanatory. It's extending jQuery with a function that will query GitHub for information about the given username. A definition list is generated to display the repositories.

Please feel free to use the code, change it, etc. Maybe even let me know if you find it useful, I'm on twitter @andrewdavey!

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