Knapsack - Automatic JavaScript and stylesheet dependency management for ASP.NET

Are you wasting time correctly ordering, concatenating and minifying your JavaScript? How about debugging that 10,000 line minified script? Knapsack solves all these problems. It's easy to install (via nuget) and provides some fun extras, like CoffeeScript support!

Knapsack is a new open source project. It's an answer to my previous rant about managing JavaScript in an ASP.NET web application.

Say goodbye to maintaining JavaScript build files - Knapsack determines the correct order of files.

In debug-mode, Knapsack lets you debug against the original scripts. In production-mode, minified, cache-friendly, script modules are generated instead. This is config controlled, so not a single source change is needed.

Head over the the project home page to get started with Knapsack.

Would you like access to the sample code repository?

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