Create email using ASP.NET MVC views

Unit Testing

When unit testing code that uses Postal, you may want to verify that an email would be sent, without actual sending it.

Postal provides an interface IEmailService and an implementation, EmailService, which actually sends email.

Assuming you use some kind of IoC container, configure it to inject an IEmailService into your controller.

Then use the service to send email objects (instead of calling Email.Send()).

public class ExampleController : Controller 
    public ExampleController(IEmailService emailService)
        this.emailService = emailService;

    readonly IEmailService emailService;

    public ActionResult Index()
        dynamic email = new Email("Example");
        // ...
        return View();

Test this controller by creating a mock of the IEmailService interface.

Here’s an example using FakeItEasy.

public void ItSendsEmail()
    var emailService = A.Fake<IEmailService>();
    var controller = new ExampleController(emailService);
    A.CallTo(() => emailService.Send(A<Email>._))